Teds Tools

If you are going to build your own shed it’s useful to have a few tools! If you’re not the handy D.I.Y person already then you’ll need to tool up.

Here’s a short list of a few of the things you’ll need.

  • Hammer and nails – A nail gun is a great investment
  • Screws and an electric hand held screwdriver. – It’s well worth forking out on a good one of these as it’ll be there for years to some. Try and find one with hammer action as they tend to be much more powerful.

  • A work table is a great tool to have although you can improvise with some wood if cost and space is an issue. Hopefully you’ll have room for one once you’ve built your shed!
  • A tape measure is vital. You’ll be cutting wood according to your shed plans so you’ll need a workman’s pencil too to mark off the wood.
  • A T-Square for cutting wood angles.
  • A wood saw is definitely a piece of kit you’ll need. Again, get the best quality wood saw you can afford as it’ll save you a whole heap of struggle. If possible and if you have the space and money it”s worth getting an electric table saw but only if you plan on doing more D.I.Y in future as they’re an expensive piece of kit.

I think that’s about it although you might find one or two other items have escaped my list. Of course you’ll need the wood and the plans and a whole heap of patience! Once you’ve finished though you’ll be glad you made the extra effort. Nothing is more satisfying, well almost nothing.. Get your plans below:

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