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Welcome to Teds Sheds where you can find over 12000 shed plans which make shed building fast and simple.

Teds Sheds


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Hello and welcome to Teds Sheds. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new shed to add some much needed extra space for your garden tools, or are even thinking of creating some new office space in the garden, why not think about building your very own shed?

Building your own shed is a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience, not to mention the fact that you will save a packet of cash in the process.

Not only that but you will look upon your shed for years to come with a sense of pride and satisfaction and you will have learnt or consolidated a valuable new set of skills.

There are many options to consider when choosing a new shed and here at Teds Sheds we hope to open your eyes to all possibilities. You can of course commission a shed to be built for you which is probably the dearest option available.

There are many sheds available at various D.I.Y. stores throughout the country which offer you various options. You can buy prefabricated shed kits with options according to your own D.I.Y tastes, in plastic, wood and metal and covering a range of requirements.

Depending on how much of a D.I.Y enthusiast you are, you can opt for various different kits, or go the ‘whole hog’ and build the thing from scratch. Depending on what your shed is for, you will want to consider a few options. Are you using it for a storage space or an office? Where will your shed be located?

Will it have windows and what is the most suitable material for your shed? Have you chosen a place to situate your shed yet? If not then consider the lighting if it has a window and any overhanging trees. How deep are your foundations going to be and are there any obstacles? These are just a few of the things to think about when considering shed construction.

Why not pop over to one of Teds Sheds recommended sites and have a look at what’s on offer. Find plans for hundreds of sheds to suit every requirement with a free set of shed plans available today.

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